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Fedorki Performance Systems
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Our Multigrind high speed abrasive belt systems have been designed to help foundries and fabricators achieve new levels of efficiency in production belt grinding. All of our machines are heavy duty and have been built for maximum performance combined with minimal maintenance for years of reliability.

Standard Features

  1. 3, 10 and 20 hp versions
  2. Quick Change Belt System
  3. Large Grinding Surface Area w/ 10, 14 or 20″ Contact Wheel
  4. Wide Mouth, Adjustable Dust Collector
  5. Solid Steel Plate, Welded Construction
  6. Removable Dust Collection Tray
  7. Easy Belt Track System
  8. Vented Contact Wheel
  9. Automatic Belt Tensioning
  10. Rear Dust Port For External Collection
  11. 9500 SFPM Belt Speed
  12. Fan Cooled Motor

Optional Features

  1. Custom Configured tool Rest
  2. Size and Durometer Contact Wheels
  3. Start/Stop Switch Lock out Bracket
  4. Extended HD Spindle W/ Guard for Wire Wheel Mounting
  5. Aluminium Construction (Grinding Volatile Materials)
  6. Explosion Proof Motor