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Fedorki Performance Systems
4509 Rowsome Road East
Elizabethtown, Ontario
Canada K6T 1A9


Precision Machining and OEM Parts

Fedorki is in the business of manufacturing replacement OEM parts for industrial machinery and process equipment. This is of great advantage to our customers who would normally deal with original manufacturers


Advantage of dealing with Fedorki

  1. Reduced Cost to Customer
  2. Shortened Lead Times on Delivery
  3. More Durable Parts Than Most OEM
  4. Little Or No Inventory (Manufactured upon Request)
  5. Improved Quality and Function

Disadvantages of dealing OEM Direct:

  1. Very High Cost
  2. Slow Delivery Times
  3. Large Inventory (To Overcome Delivery Times)
  4. Discontinued Parts
  5. Manufacturer No Longer In Business

High Precision Made-to-order Parts

  1. Fedorki can take your design and make it a reality by offering start-to-finish design and build services of proto type and/or production run, high Quality and high precision machined parts.
  2. Working Tolerance of .0002″
  3. Wide Variety of Material Options Including, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Plastics, etc.
  4. In-house Design/Engineering Process
  5. Repeatable in High Quantity